Media Appearances

Title Description Category Source
Healing From Deadly Friendly Fire with Steven Elliott Steven shares his story on the show. Podcast The Golden Rule Revolution
The Nations Podcast Nations tells the stories of modern reformers, and Steven shared his story on the show. Podcast Nations Media
The Sporting Life with Jeremy Schaap 15 years ago this month, former NFL player Pat Tillman was killed in action by friendly fire. Elliott, who served with Tillman, comes on the show to talk about his memories. Radio ESPN Radio
No Quit Living Steven shares his story on the show. Podcast Christopher J. Wirth
An Un-American Tragedy (2006) ESPN’s Mike Fish provides what Steven Elliott believes is one of the best journalistic examination of Pat Tillman’s death and its immediate aftermath. ESPN
Enduring Guilt (2014) Revisiting the issue on the tenth anniversary of Pat’s death, ESPN’s Mike Fish and Outside the Lines talks with one of the possible shooters, Steven Elliott, for the first time. ESPN
Men take steps toward reconciliation (2014) Two former Army Rangers who shared a tragic bond in their platoon mate Pat Tillman's death -- but from starkly different perspectives -- took initial steps toward reconciliation Tuesday, the 10th anniversary of Tillman's death in Afghanistan. ESPN
Steven Elliott Interview with NPR’s All Things Considered (2014) Given on the 10-year anniversary of Pat’s death, 22 April 2014, Steven Elliott discusses his experience with NPR. NPR
Steven Elliott’s Interview with NBC’s Lester Holt (2014) A brief look at Steven Elliott’s journey and his involvement with his local Veterans Court. Today

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